“Hello! I Am LeeAnne Homsey The Restaurant Staff Motivating Specialist.

What would you like to discover? What do you need to improve? Maybe you just want higher tips or an easier shift.

I can help with all of this and more. I can help you sell more and create high tipping repeat, regular customers every day to actually double your sales and income within 4 weeks. on your way to work and I can do it in about two hours.

Most of your best resources are the people you pass on the way to work, not the ones that your restaurant provides.

Would you like to double your sales and tips but serve easier, more appreciative guests?

Contact me at any time: 1-646-462-0384 / info@leeannehomsey.com

I will show you how to use everything around you to make more, work less and have more energy and time for what you love in just 4 hours.

In-person or online training available. Refer me to your restaurant for group training and receive $300.00 cash as well as my one-of-a-kind training seminar!”


Staff Motivating Prices For Your Restaurant

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