Increase your restaurant sales and foot-traffic through customer exiting, community engaging, social media & press promoted tasting or pairing events designed to increase customers and brand awareness for your business.

Scaled to meet the needs of any size restaurant or hotel, we create unique “off peak” tasting or pairing events that complement your restaurant concept and theme. Designed and deployed to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, we create the event, the promotions, press releases, marketing and advertising and even staff training that will have untapped demographics walking in your doors and returning for life.

Stop wasting your valuable time and resources paying social media “experts” to post pictures of your food on social media in an effort to try to gain customers and let us create engaging, exciting events and promotions that market your brand to your target audience and engage them to walk through your doors and keep coming back for the life of your business.

Tell your brand’s story to thousands of new, untapped, targeted potential clients everyday with customized, cross promotional, ticketed events marketed and promoted on major event calendars, newspapers social media and much much more.

Call/Text LeeAnne Homsey for Restaurant / Hotel Promotions at 646-462-0384 or email for information on your custom, tailored event creations and promotions and have new customers flooding your business guaranteed.


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